Amazing Island Boardgame

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It was decided in the beginning to include a board game in the project. Two of the partners Ha Moment Portugal and Scout Valencians Spain had extended experience of creating and using board games for educational purposes.

The main area of competences that the game tackles is the IDENTITY.

To create the game and test it was not only a challenge on many levels but also great fun and we hope that people all over Europe will also have fun playing this great game.

To play the game please contact the participating organisations.

Ha Moment
ASK Yourself:
Minte Forte:
Scouts Valencians


Asociación Promesas

The main objective of the game is to raise self-awareness and understanding about EMOTIONAL-MENTAL-PHYSICAL BALANCE.

There are several other objectives related to it:

  • To get to know your traits, your strengths, vulnerability and how to manage them.
  • To promote self expression.
  • To realize you are a part of a group and to learn how to cooperate.
  • To learn how to make decisions and raise self-confidence.