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Minte Forte
Minte ForteRumenia
Minte Forte is a non-profit organisation from Cluj-Napoca. Founded in 2010, it promotes mental health through:
Support for maintaining or enhancing mental health
Psychological development
They envision a society where every individual takes care of their mental well-being on a daily basis and where those who encounter difficulties receive support instead of being discriminated. Their target group includes any person who is interested in maintaining or improving their mental health. The focus is on young people, because early psychological education can help build a balanced self and prevent mental health problems.
Curriculum 86%
Handbook 40%
Ha Moment
Ha MomentPortugal
Ha Moment (Portugal), CRL is a cooperative that has the mission of giving innovative opportunities for the personal and professional development, of youngsters and adults all over the world, through out trainings, consulting and events, with the basis of non-formal and informal education.
Even being recently created, ha moment staff has wide experience in non-formal education. They have 6 active members and around other 6
developing activities in the areas of trainings, consulting and events. Their headquarter is located in one of the most intercultural neighborhoods of Lisbon (Arroios), living there around 68 different nationalities, which makes their work more meaningful and connected with the basis of interculturality, acceptance, working with differences and breaking stereotypes.
Their key values are fun, cooperation, passion and kindness.
Board Game 55%
Graphic Design 66%
Scouts Valencians
Scouts ValenciansSpain
Scouts Valencians belongs to the World Organization of the Scout Movement, the biggest youth organization in the world and their main role, through its 110 years of existence, is to educate children.
They work by guiding them since they are 6 through out all the steps of a project and they also provide educational opportunities for them in topics such as environment, education in values, health, employability, self-development, citizenship…It’s a project based learning and learning by doing is their methodology.
Video Design 57%
Graphic Design 56%
Hugarafl/Mindpower (Iceland) is an independent association of people dealing with mental problems. The organisation is built on ideas on empowerment, recovery, equality and cooperation between users and professionals. Members/users in Hugarafl count around 350-400 people but active users about 100-150 in any time. Daily around 50-70 people visit Hugarafl and 100-120 on a weekly basis.
Project managment 93%
Web Design 63%
Ask Yourself
Ask YourselfRomania
ASK Yourself (Romania) is a non-profit organization created by a group of youth workers that wanted to share their passion for non-formal education and Erasmus+.
We want to encourage young people to try new and exciting learning opportunities, to discover themselves, to improve their competences, and to give back to society. We offer support in finding the right project/challenge for each individual and we are also implementing
projects based on young people needs.
Handbook 45%